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CIW Certification

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The Internet is an inescapable fact of life today. It greatly enhances both our personal and work lives. That's why IT professionals need to keep up with Internet technologies in addition to other technical and business skills. Expanding expertise to include Internet skills helps secure a position in the 21st-century workforce. CIW certification validates competency in IT industry standards, concepts and best practices; and familiarity with leading hardware and software technology.

An IT certification for the knowledge economy, CIW is an Internet vendor-neutral or job-role curriculum and certification designed to help career changers enter the IT industry and experienced and vendor-certified professionals build on existing IT skills.

Size and Credibility of CIW Program

CIW is the largest Internet job-role certification. It is increasingly recognized and accepted as the standard vendor-neutral certification by corporations, academic organizations, commercial training centers and industry publications.

No other Internet job-role certification can claim the same size, credibility and acknowledgement as CIW.

More than 30,000 CIW certifications have been earned.

CIW is accredited by Association of Internet Professionals (AIP) and endorsed the by International Webmasters Association (IWA).

It is also endorsed and supported by the National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies (NWCET).

Who Should Earn a CIW Certification

CIW certification is important for all types of IT professionals, from career changers and business professionals to experienced and certified IT professionals.

For career changers, CIW is an excellent way to enter the IT industry because the curriculum covers the roles and responsibilities of a specific position. CIW covers industry standards and leading hardware and software technologies. Career changers are not limited by knowledge of only one IT platform.

For business professionals, a CIW certification demonstrates knowledge of industry standards, best practices, and leading hardware and software technology. Taking the time to learn new IT concepts shows a commitment to keep up with today's technology-driven economy, possibly help earn a higher salary, better understand a customer's business, or become more self-sufficient by better understanding the technology on which almost every professional relies.

For experienced and certified IT professionals: If an experienced IT professional does not already have a widely recognized certification, he or she should earn a certification to show current or potential employers of their skills and expertise. Those who hold certifications other than CIW, benefit from demonstrating an understanding of more than one technology and knowledge of industry standards and best practices.

Benefits of Being CIW Certified

Ready for a Career Change? Want To Update Your Current Internet Skills?

Whether you consider your career a lifelong journey toward personal fulfillment, or a way of making ends meet, CIW certification helps you reach your career goals by defining the skills necessary to master today's digital world.

Becoming a CIW Professional or Master CIW reaps great rewards. Many candidates have experienced greater success in their lives or careers after enrolling in CIW courses and achieving their CIW certification.

Some of the benefits of being CIW certified include:

  • Keeping your skills up-to-date in the ever-changing Internet world
  • Certified professionals generally increase their salary by 12% annually
  • Boosting your career by filling "hot" job openings
  • Ability to specialize in one area of the Internet
  • Creating recognition for yourself within your company or industry
  • Adding impressive credentials to your resume

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